Perfecting New Parts: Blanks


The Canada Stampings team has developed the ability to produce high-quality blanks quickly that meet our clients’ quality requirements.

Canada Stampings is capable of producing 6-foot long blanks with very few width limitations, allowing us to produce a wide range of blank sizes. Besides sheering the blanks, we’re also able to punch any required holes or company name and part information on to the blanks.

We produce blanks on our 400 and 600-ton stamping presses. These presses are capable of handling thickness from 20 thou to 120 thou.

We produce blanks for automotive sector exhaust systems in the form of muffler wraps. The applications don’t end here. Blanks are also widely used for catalytic convertor shells and other automotive assemblies.

We also supply our high-quality stainless-steel blanks to other manufacturing sectors including the locker storage industry. If you require a blank part, we have the capabilities to produce it.

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